8 Big Cigars For Super Bowl

The biggest football game of the year calls for a big smoke.

Super Bowl Sunday is only days away. To enjoy the big game in style, you’ll need some hearty food, cold drinks and perhaps good company. But we urge you to remember something else—it’s the ideal opportunity to break out an extra-long cigar.

The Super Bowl is a long affair, so we consider it the perfect day to light up a very big cigar that you can puff for a long, long time. Here are eight standout smokes that are built to smoke for hours. We can’t guarantee they will go all four quarters (like the Patriots and the Rams), but they’re likely to make it from coin flip all the way to halftime.

Montecristo “A”

The “A” is the longest standard-production size in Cuba’s cigar portfolio. (It’s even too long to fully capture in the photograph above.) An impressive 9 1/4 inches with a relatively slim 47 ring gauge, “As” were once popular in Spain for bullfights, long, open-air events that take hours. We also like them for the Super Bowl.

The Montecristo “A” is the last of Cuba’s “As,” and they are harder and harder to find, even in Havana. These are works of art, made with extra-large wrapper leaves that don’t grow on every plant. Only the most skilled of torcedores can make these huge smokes, and when you get a good one they will give you more than two hours of smoking pleasure. Some showcase notes of coffee bean and nougat, often complemented by leather and some sweet spices.

Tatuaje RC 233

If you are looking for a lesson in complex cigar shapes, look no further than the Tatuaje RC 233. These Miami-made smokes are the product of one roller, who has to make complex cuts with a straight razor to ensure the wrapper leaf adheres properly to the many curves of the diadema, which measures 9 1/2-inches long.

“On her perfect day she can roll about 80. It’s a lot of work,” says Tatuaje owner Pete Johnson of the cigar roller. “It’s an art form.”

Thankfully these pieces of art are dynamite to smoke. Full bodied and robust in their youth, they mellow slightly with age, and their flavor only improves. An 11-year-old version rated in a 2016 Connoisseur’s Corner scored 93 points, showing spiced cappuccino, citrus and leather notes.

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Masterpiece

Fuente’s Hemingways come in a variety of lengths and girths, but the longest is the Hemingway Masterpiece. This cigar is 9 inches by 52 ring gauge at its fattest point, and it’s not made in large quantities for one very good reason: It’s hard to find Cameroon wrapper leaves that grow big enough for a cigar of this length.

The smokes are made in the Dominican Republic, and they tend to have notes of black tea, with a mineral quality. They are beautiful, ultra-large perfectos, and they come in boxes that look like books, an homage to the famous author for which they are named.

Hoyo de Monterrey Doble Corona

It’s hard to find a cigar more heralded than the legendary Cuban Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona. It’s far from the longest cigar on this list—it measures 7 5/8 inches—but it has long been the gold standard of Cuban double coronas. In an early issue of Cigar Aficionado, it rated 99 points, something no other current-production cigar has ever matched.

The cigars aren’t powerhouses, but they are far from mild. Modern day ones have notes of baking spices and nuts, along with a distinctive floral note. And even before you light, take note of the glorious construction: pristine colorado wrapper, subtle box-pressing, flat, mounted head and a triple-seam cap. These are beautiful smokes that are sure to impress.

La Flor Dominicana Ligero A

This new smoke was added to the considerable La Flor Dominicana portfolio in the summer of 2018. The 9 1/2-inch-long smoke has a 47 ring gauge, and while it has all-Dominican filler on the inside, the thing that sets it apart is a new wrapper leaf grown by ASP Enterprises Inc. in Ecuador.

Cigarmaker Litto Gomez is known for his strong cigars, and while this one has yet to be rated by the Cigar Aficionado panel, expect it to have that signature La Flor Ligero power.

Padron Magnum

Padron Magnum

It’s the biggest cigar in the core Padrón portfolio, at an impressive 9 inches by 50 ring. And because it’s a “regular” Padrón, it’s a relative bargain.

Padrón Magnums are sweet and rich, fortified by an all-Nicaraguan blend. And they are consistently good—in four out of its last five blind tastings by Cigar Aficionado or Cigar Insider, they have scored 90 points or higher.

Cuaba Salomon

Don’t dismiss Cuba’s Cuaba brand based on its original retinue of sizes. The original Cuabas were launched in 1996, and they were small perfectos made without cigar molds—and they had the rough look to prove it. They have long been forgettable smokes. But not the Salomon.

First rated by Cigar Aficionado in 2012, this is a much bigger cigar than a traditional Cuaba, 7 1/4 inches and a plump 57 ring at its fattest point. Light one up and you will taste flavors you will never find in the smaller varieties. It’s as if they share nothing in common but the band. We have rated it blind several times, with scores ranging from 88 to 93 points. They are rich and sweet, with a long finish, and their length and girth make them ideal for long smokes.

Cohiba 50 Aniversario

Habanos, S.A. presented its most exclusive and luxurious launch marking the 50th anniversary of the Cohiba brand. The Special Edition Cohiba 50 Aniversario introduces a 60 ring gauge (23.80 mm) to the range of sizes of Habanos for the very first time with a unique format (60 ring gauge x 178 mm) that has been especially designed for this special celebration of the brand.

The 2500 Habanos in this edition have been made with the flavours that have been most characteristic of the brand over its five decades of existence, featuring a medium to full strength flavour. They have all been made Totalmente a Mano con Tripa Larga – Totally by Hand with Long Filler – in the near-mythical El Laguito factory in Havana, after a selection of exquisite wrapper, filler and binder leaves from the finest vegas – fields – in Vuelta Abajo* (D.O.P.).

Following Cohiba tradition, the leaves used in producing the Cohiba 50 Aniversario have been meticulously selected from the best fields – Vegas de Primera – in the tobacco-growing districts of San Juan y Martínez and San Luis in Vuelta Abajo.

The Seco and Ligero leaves of its blend have also undergone additional fermentation in casks.

Exclusivity, innovation and luxury

The Cohiba 50 Aniversario humidor is full of new ideas and fine detailing. The Habanos it contains have had a beautiful primary band designed in black and gold with the 50th anniversary seal, in which some characteristic elements from Cohiba, such as the grid, have been reinterpreted in an innovative way. Each of these bands, made with painstaking printing techniques, is individually numbered.

This Habano also presents a new base band, which, using different techniques for printing in gold, captures the first commercial design of the Cohiba brand, colonial-inspired with a decorative typeface that would be replaced shortly afterwards by the typeface which has lasted to this day.

This commemorative edition is presented in an exclusive luxury cabinet humidor, with production limited to only 50 units. The case is made of different precious woods, including Makassar ebony, sycamore and Guarea Cedrata or Scented Guarea. The innovative external marquetry decorating its doors is the result of a long process of experimentation, in which carefully selected authentic “ligero” Vuelta Abajo* leaves were coated with 24-carat gold leaf. This delicate work, carried out by expert Parisian artisans, offers a new and captivating vision of the leaves of the finest tobacco in the world.

The piece is a work of art and a unique collector’s item, and has been a real challenge in terms of innovation both from the point of view of artisan decoration as well as technical development and design.

The humidor also includes a range of accessories inside designed for the occasion, including a travel humidor for five Habanos, a handmade leather cigar case and an ashtray made with the same marquetry technique as used on the exterior and finished in fine Armenian obsidian. These and many other details make this cabinet humidor a real piece of luxury, memorable and unique, for the brand’s most exclusive enthusiasts.

In addition, following the innovative profile of the Cohiba brand and this project, this cabinet features a device that allows its owner to follow the temperature and humidity conditions in the humidor directly on their smartphone or tablet, thanks to an app that will be remotely connected to a sensor inside the humidor. The app will also be an exclusive communication channel for the brand’s updates marking its 50th anniversary and will allow the owner to have a digital version of their certificate of ownership and authenticity.

The second La Casa del Habano was opened in the city of St. Petersburg

On December 14, 2018, in Saint Petersburg, in the alley of Kuznechny, number 14A, a new store of the most prestigious international cigar franchise La Casa del Habano was inaugurated.

The new La Casa del Habano joins the list of over 140 premium boutiques in the global network, becoming the second store in the so-called “Capital of the North” and the third in Russia. Our franchisee turned out this time Mr. Dimitir Sovolev, great lover and admirer of Cuba, his culture and his Habanos.

La Casa del Habano

The event gathered more than 60 guests, among them: the Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba to the Russian Federation, the Hon. Mr. Gerardo Peñalver Portal and Mrs. Odalis Seijó García, Commercial attache, as well as the executives of Top Cigars Corporation-exclusive distributor of Habanos for the Russian domestic market-, Mikhail Smirnov and Alejandra Romero. The evening also brought together representatives of cigar shops and clubs not only from St. Petersburg, but also from other cities in Russia.

In honor of the inauguration, La Casa del Habano offered to the reunited guests the magnificent Habanos – Romeo and Julieta, Petit Royales (47 ring gauge x 95 mm length).

On this festive occasion, to the rhythm of our traditional live music, the guests enjoyed the Cuban gastronomy and cocktails, as well as the pleasure of enjoying, in a very special atmosphere, Habanos made from the best tobacco in the world.